Beyond The Stars
Power Progressive Metal – from hard to distinctive, from straight to playful,
from orchestral to experimental.
The grip on the stars? Beyond the sun and the moon, in the immense universe, past countless celestial bodies on the way to infinity, the sounding Ivory tower appears on which the North German prog-metal band Ivory Tower refers with their release. The new album has the meaningful title „Beyond The Stars“
and stylistically continues the same course that the formation took with its self-titled debut album in the fall of 1998. In its entirety, „Beyond The Stars“ is even more direct, grippier, yet powerful and gripping. The music continues to live on the expressive voice of André Fischer, numerous filigree guitar parts, cleverly placed orchestral passages and extremely varied arrangements.

Subjective Enemy
is a concept album….
this story is about a man. One of many. Split in his personality. Influencing and missing affection within young years supported the building up of anger, hate and maliciousness.
The own indifference and lacking self-responsibility also offered the breeding ground for the evil.
Without noticing it his steady behaviour became influenced by arrogance, aggression and egoism. Friendsand acquaintances turn away and in the end his beloved girlfried leaves him, too.
Caught in this cage of evil he slowly becomes aware of his lifetime. And so he attempts to change himself and make up for the mistakes he´s made. But this enemy is bigger than he thought because the dark side in us cannot be so simply changed. and the dark side has a name…..it.

(the number of the earthly)
Super artwork plus 10 tracks with the right mix of sophistication, melody and heaviness as well as the necessary bombast in the hip spots – the new IVORY TOWER album has it all. Title of the new CD: simply „IV“. There are plenty of associations to this number – four elements, four seasons, four directions, four temperaments (according to Western element theory), 4/4 time or 4-th album by 4 IVORY TOWER band members. The inclined fan is fully served by the Prog.-Metal group from Kiel and gets artfully linked several topics, breaks and tempo change increase the musical suspense within the individual tracks.